An ideathon is an event where individuals or teams come together to pitch their ideas for new products, services or solutions to a panel of experts or judges. The goal of the ideathon is to provide a platform for individuals to present their innovative ideas in a startup-like setting and receive feedback, mentorship, and potential investment opportunities.

The event is structured similar to a Shark Tank pitch, where participants will have a set amount of time to present their ideas and answer questions from the judges. The judges will then provide constructive feedback and evaluate the potential of the idea in terms of market viability, scalability, and overall impact.

Ideathons are an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives to showcase their ideas, receive feedback and make valuable connections in the industry. The event provides an environment where individuals can receive mentorship, network with industry professionals, and possibly secure funding for their ideas.

In conclusion, ideathons are a valuable platform for individuals to bring their ideas to life, receive feedback, and potentially launch a successful startup. The event creates a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can grow their ideas and turn them into a reality.